Become a mana cyborg in this past-paced shooter and please the Earthen Mother.

  • Connect Mana engines to shields and weapons to construct weird and powerful combinations!
  • Survive 10 waves of randomly-generated enemy cyborgs and steal their weapons!
  • Earn gold to upgrade yourself and your Mana Fragments.
  • Play a flitty pistol-gunner, an armored behemoth, or anything in between!
  • A fully-fledged editor lets you position and rotate Fragments into the perfect configuration. 
  • Under the hood, a robust circuit flow algorithm provides unique and interesting ways to give proportional power to different Fragments.


  • WASD - move
  • Click - fire
  • E - toggle edit mode

In Edit Mode:

  • Z - level up Player
  • Click then X, then click another Fragment - toggle wire (click the body, not the inport itself)
  • Click drag - reposition Fragment
  • Click then G - level up Fragment

Leveling up fragment:

  • Full Heal
  • +20% max HP
  • +20% max Mana
  • +20% Mana inflow and outflow speed

Music: Frederic Lardon - Stay Calm

Sound FX: Kenney assets




More Explosions:

Rest: self drawn

Known issues for judging: 

  • Miniguns are broken.


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7DRL Competition - Manatinker Arena 32 MB
7DRL Competition - Manatinker Arena 28 MB
7DRL Competition - Manatinker Arena 32 MB


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(I played your game for judging. But the reviews were lost => here’s what I remember of mine)

Honestly a very fun game. I am impressed with the quality of the UI, it just works how I want it to. Good job on that.

I played both the jam and the updated versions. I’d say that I like all the changes you made. Especially:

  • more weapon variety. Melee weapons!
  • big nerf to shields, they were really OP ^^
  • my favorite: the part that makes you dash

These really targetted the complaint I had with the jam version: the very static gameplay (big shields and pew-pew-pew). Now this is less easy to stay in one place, and I have good (and fun!) reasons to move.

So great entry, and great design decisions for the update (in my opinion). Have a nice day :)


Very creative and fun to link up all the items. I want to play this more than I was able to. Good game!