Updated April 2020

  • There is now an expansive world with different 7 different biomes to survive in. Levels have different seasons, temperatures, and soil types.
  • Your cells are now made up of Genes that you can mix and match.
  • New gene mutation mechanic.
  • Movement is now real-time. 
  • Much improved UIs for building and resource management.
  • Improved animations and particle effects.
  • 100s of bug fixes and tiny improvements

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Mito is a game where you play the single cell responsible for the growth and success of a plant-based life form. Build cell Tissue to expand your reach. Build Roots underground to suck up water nearby. Build Leaves to convert that water into sugar, which is required to upkeep your plant, keep expanding, and finally grow seeds. You win the game by building getting a Seed to 100% maturity.

Mito started as part of 7drl-2018.


You can carry max 100 resources, and you automatically suck in any resources you're standing over. You can only walk on Tissue (and Transport). You start at the center of the map, with soil below and air above.


Soil holds water, rocks block your way, and Fountains are a larger source of water.


Air provides sunlight. Sunlight drives photosynthesis on your leaves. 


Gravity will pull down on your structures, so make sure they're structurally sound. Your structures cast shadows.


Water is one of the main two resources. Obtain water in the ground through Roots. Leaves require water to photosynthesize.


Sugar is the other main resource. Leaves convert water into sugar. Obtain sugar by putting water onto leaves. Tissue eats sugar and turns it into energy, which your cells need to survive.

Energy Upkeep

All cells continuously require energy to survive and will automatically eat sugar on their tile, or get energy from their neighbors. Each cell consumes the equivalent of 1 sugar in energy every 480 seconds.

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